Strange & Unusual

Please note: I wrote the following, as is often the case, because I need to hear it. Sometimes, we must remind ourselves of simple facts.

Once I grew up (last week), I realized that everyone struggles with parts of themselves that they are reluctant to share with the public at large. Hmm, perhaps "everyone" is too broad a stroke. It does appear that there are those of us who don't seem to give a flying fig or a spinning turnip (come on, why not?) what anyone thinks. Ever heard of Walmartians? I rest my case. For the remainder of us though, revealing ourselves is a terrifying prospect. Some of us would rather have several teeth pulled during a rectal exam while having our heads shaved, than actually expose even a tiny part of our innermost self. Sorry for the visual. I am so not speaking from personal experience (per se) it’s merely an example to illustrate how terrified we can be. Totally sad. How is it that we can walk among each other, sit next to each other at work or on a bus and not let people see who we are? The really sad thing? Some people don’t even know that they’re hiding. Um, me? I’m slightly (hah!) normalcy challenged. I spent many, many years trying to cover up what others deemed “odd” about me. Covering up doesn’t usually work, because my strangeness seems to have a way of popping out (helloooooo) at the most inconvenient of times.

I actually don’t feel strange, but then crazy people never think they’re crazy either, right? Logic aside, in my maze-like brain, I’m normal for me. Being “different” or just plain old weird isn’t something I try to do. I just came that way. Maybe there was a special on weirdness while I was in the womb, and my mother being a compulsive shopper, just couldn't pass up that deal.

Will she ever please get to the point??? Okay, here’s my point. I realize that this isn’t news to anyone, but in never hurts to validate: we are all weird in our own weird little ways. And you know what? That truly is the best fu*king part of us. That’s the part, we need to let out of the flipping box. It works best in writing, music, art of any type, cooking, whatever. What you think of as your "weirdness," that secret self you try so hard to contain, may not speak to everyone.  However, it will have an audience, because what people really dig is authenticity. Yeah, yeah I know it doesn’t always mean something. The IRS doesn’t give a spinning turnip (see, it does work!) if you’re authentic as long as you pay your dang taxes. But if you want people to enjoy the dinner you cook or buy that book you’re selling, being authentic will come in handy.

Share the real you with your public, even if your public is only a few close friends, your family, and several crickets. Without the essential “you,” what is there to your music, poetry, novel, painting, or dinner party? Technique? How empty and utterly boor-ing. And you are so definitely not empty or boor-ing. 

My goth is showing, but wasn't Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice an excellent character?
"...the living ignore the strange and unusual, I myself am strange and unusual..."


  1. I'm going to start using 'spinning turnip' in my daily life from now on (though I could have not used the 'teeth-pulling-rectal-head-shaving' image thanksverymuch!

  2. Awesome! Absolutely awesome!

  3. @ MGG, er yeah sorry about that. Don't know where that came from. Really! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ RA, why thank you, sir. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. I love Beetle Juice, I haven't seen that movie in forever! I am definitely a little weird (which my kids remind me of everyday :). Love the spinning turnip comment, too funny!

  5. Lol! I say wear your weird proudly! Thanks for stopping by, Frugal! :)

  6. I totally agree! And I'm not just saying that because I've *tagged* you over at my blog.

    Please let your authenticity out of the box... by answering a few personal questions about yourself. Such as, do you believe in Muppets? This inquiring mind really wants to see what makes you tick, in the smallest of ways.

  7. Great post. Wish I had written it. As each day passes I try to let out a little more of me. Emotions especially because I am usually considered feelingless.
    Thanks for writing this:)

  8. @ Scarlett, I totally get your authenticity and that's what I like about you!

    @ Jill, thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the post. LOVE the title of your blog.

  9. Ms. Wynter my Darling,
    Strange and unusual is really not so strange and unusual after all, as a matter of fact, I find it quite the norm. Must be because I can clearly see the diamond under the rough... xoxo

  10. Greetings Caffe! Well, being unusual yourself (in the best of ways!), you have refreshing perspective. Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

  11. I've never heard the phrase spinning turnip before, but I think its funny whenever my husband says "Jiminy Christmas" as an expletive. But you are right, why are we hiding who we are. I spent most of my childhood hiding, most of my teenage years hiding, most of my college years trying to blend in, and now I think I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. Its taken a long time.

    Stopping by from the Bad Girl Bloggers group on Blogaholics. :)

  12. Hey Heather! I'm glad you're at a place in life where you're comfortable in your skin. Isn't that fabulous? I guess it all boils down to fear of being judged, and it's such freedom to let that go! Really glad you could stop by. Thanks! :)

  13. Hey girl! Thanks for popping over to my blog from "Bad Girls!" Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you! But anyway, better late than never...

    I totally agree with this. We should all proudly let our freak flags fly. I used to be ashamed of the things that set me apart...now I'm so glad to have things that make me different! It's funny how, when we're growing up, we just want to fit in. Then as we get older, we realize there's value in standing out from the crowd. I hope I can impart some of this wisdom to my kids as they go through the inevitable hell that is adolescence.

    Have a great week! Following you!

  14. No worries, Jenn, we are all so busy these days! One of the nice things about getting older is caring less what other people think of us and caring more about expressing who we are! Thanks for stopping by! :)