It's a bit Island-of-Dr.-Moreau-ish in my head...

Should I even admit that in a public forum? Or for that matter, in a private forum?? Ah well, too late now.

Doodling snails wasn't enough. I had to dress the snails in evening gowns, tuxes, and tiaras. Now, I've decided to morph snails and fairies together. Why? I. Have. No. Clue. The scary thing? Nothing seems to be stopping me from continuing down (up?) this curious path.

Still...I'm having fun. Hope you are, too. You deserve it.


Still Looking Closely...

There probably comes a time when you need to stop looking closely and move on. Wherever that time is, apparently I've not arrived. There's just too damn much holding my attention right here to even consider moving on...

I've not been able to type (or doodle) in the last week or so, due to out-of-the-flipping-blue-inexplicably painful joints in my hands and fingers. Who knew joints were so necessary? Oh. Everyone but me. I see.

Although currently, I'm not as "fine" as I'd like to be (ah, but will I ever? hah!), at least I can (finally!) type a sentence or two. While I was out of commission (sounds much more official put that way), I took longish walks and let Nature do her amazing Magic on me.


I sound fairly calm about all this joint-pain-out-of-no-where-crap, don't I? You should have heard me last week. Below is sample of the shenanigans:

Me:This is fucking unacceptable.
Body: Oh yeah?
Me: Yeah! Now type damn it.
Body: Sure.
Me: Freaking ouch already. Type withOUT pain, please.
Body: Oh. Without pain? Why didn't you say so? No.
Me: No???
Body: No.
Me: At least turn it down a notch, would ya?
Body: Uh, no.
Me: F*ck you, Body!! F*ck you AND f*ck the horse you f*cking rode in on!!!! Who the hell do you think you are??? If I want to type, I should be able to type. You are NOT the boss of me!!!
Body: Oh yeah?
Me: ^^$@$!! ##! ^@$! !$!@$*!@#&$******&(&##@!!!***$!@#$!!$@#$@@@~~!!#!!#$%$#$!#!#! 

The balance of the conversation has been deleted due to the graphic nature of the violence that ensued. 

Thanks for tuning in and hope all is well with you. 


Looking Closely

Details create the bigger picture.
- Sandford I. Weil

And the only way to see those details is by getting in close. Miss the details and you could quite possibly miss the bigger picture...

In life I tend toward, get the heck up there and soar! I like aerobatics. Zoom. It’s fun. It’s exhilarating. And hey, we’ve got to check out that "big picture," right? It is a dilemma though (one of many), because I also love the details. Yeah, the details can drive me to utter distraction, which is already a failing of mine. “Utter Distraction” could be my middle name. I’ll never know though, because it doesn’t hold my interest long enough for me to find out. I’d have to check out my birth certificate. And on the way to looking for my birth certificate, I’m sure I’d find a bazillion other pieces of paper that would be fun to browse and by the time dinner rolled around I’ll have forgotten what I was looking for in the first place. See? Distracted. Easily.

As distracted as I may (may? hah!) get, I do realize that we really need to view everything in life from both angles: way up high and down in close. Otherwise, you will miss stuff. Important stuff. There are things that you absolutely cannot see unless you get down in close and really look. 

"Getting down," in the non-Jungle Boogie-Kool & The Gang sense, is necessary in life (and in writing). Getting close to something or someone or examining an idea...it can get messy. It can be disillusioning. That's the risk of looking closely.

My point (yep. I do have one) is that unless you're willing to look at things closely you'll never see all those lovely and not-so-lovely fine details. Up close, you will see those wrinkles and scars, but it is the only way you’ll ever get to see that sparkle in someone's eye and the real texture of someone's soul…especially your own.

I can't take credit for this one. My husband  (definitely the more grounded one of  us) spotted this little guy. I just snapped a picture. He's cute though, isn't he? He just posed for us...almost blending in with the fence post he sat on.