Sometimes there's too few, other times far too many. Hopefully these words are just the right amount.

Everyone needs one of these.


Preferably two...each with a different view.


And a place to stop and rest.

London, England

Have a cup of tea...or something stronger.


Remember to keep your

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

and don't abuse them.

Enjoy a bit of Magick...

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

And Spirit along your way.

Princes Street, Edinburgh

Maybe learn a bit of Latin,

"Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" is the motto of The Order of the Thistle and the Scottish Regiments of the British Army. This is written at the entrance to Edinburgh Castle. It means "No One Attacks Me With Impunity."

But don't forget how to have your

Jollie's Close, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Once in a while it's okay to be immature, especially if you can't help it.


Always play like a child.

Do what you love. Follow your path to your very own tune. Come on, don't be a