Happy NBC (Nightmare Before Christmas) and the Merriest of New Year's

Just wanted to share a little of my bizarre holiday cheer and wish everyone a Happy Christmas and whatever else you may celebrate! This year, we decided to have a Nightmare Before (and During) Christmas. Why the heck not? I also wanted to send out best wishes for everyone's New Year. May 2012 bring us all happiness, prosperity, and that much closer to our dreams coming true...



Where is all the quality gray (or is that "grey"?) note card stock??? I'm finding pink, green, yellow, blue, peach, pumpkin, lettuce, almond, raspberry, and cherry. I'm not making a freaking salad!! Okay, maybe gray (grey) isn't people's first choice in card stock, but "lettuce"? "Pumpkin"?? My greeting card line is called Cards for a Gloomy Day, not Cards for Happy Bunnies Blowing Sunshine Up Your A**!!!! Argh.