About Me

I grew up in the Land of La. On my 18th birthday, I was placed under a dreadful Spell of Forgetfulness. For nearly two decades, I forgot many important facts, but most sadly of all, I had forgotten that I am a Storyteller. Upon my birth, I had been entrusted with the tales a crew of motley characters. None were more upset than they that their spokeswoman had been struck mute!

One rather excellent day, I slipped, fell, hit my head and knocked all the sense out of me. In a flood, my love of tales came back. My characters gathered around and after a fine bit of scolding, began to chat. My fingers can barely keep up with the speed of which my characters tell their tales. I do my best to keep them happy though, and they are happiest, when their tales are told to others. Merrily for me, this is what makes me happiest, as well.

When not writing, I enjoy spending time tromping around hills and fields, walking on a beach, gazing up at a tree, laughing at life’s little quirks and jolts, and quite recently carrying on a passionate affair with my delightful husband of the initials S.M.

Here's the dirt: Intricate Knot is my pen name. Originally, she received a brief mention in my first book. In my second book, she began to take more shape. It turns out that she is the co-creator of the Universe in three of my novels. Powerful lady. So naturally I've decided to use this as my pen name. Hah! It's an interesting challenge for me to write under the name of one of my characters, both as myself (the character) and as the writer (me). Huh? Yeah, this is a strange one, even for me. To add to the head-spinning? Intricate isn't my only pen name. I have this other character...he's a High Demon and so much fun, I've decided to write under his name, too.

Sometimes you can see the Pattern in the Looking Glass so clearly that it makes your Heart sing. At other times it doesn't seem as though there is any pattern at all...only Random Acts of Desperation...