Cards for A Gloomy Day

...Greeting cards for the rest of us

Rainy days bring that ghost of a smile to your lips? Black's been your color of choice since you were 5? Male or female, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on that coal eyeliner of your mom’s? And your idea of a “good time” is a night out at the cemetery? If you choose to color at all, it's generally outside the lines or you won't even bother. Look, we can't all be Happy Little Cogs in the Wheel of Greater Good. The truth is some of us are gloomy. We walk our crooked miles, not with a smile, but with a scowl. Or at the very least, no expression at all.

We of the Gloomy Gene, don't bounce joyfully from our homes to our cars to our jobs. We don't "bounce" period. Besides, maybe our job stinks and that boss? Hard to even get close to him or her without losing our lunches. We have to drag our butts out of our cozy beds, crawl in agony to our cars, and force ourselves to drive to that stink-o job. If we wake up to the Zombie Apocalypse tomorrow morning, we're the ones who will only mutter, “told you so” and go back to bed, because that’s the kind of gloomy pussycats we are.

Welcome to Cards for a Gloomy Day, greeting cards for the rest of us. But aren't greeting cards obsolete? We don't think so. Don't you like to get something in the mail other than junk, bills, and subpoenas? And aren't you just a smidge curious? Yeah, yeah, you're not the type to gush or do any emotions on a grand scale. We get it and created these cards with you in mind. But before you think we've gone all soft, forget it. Of course we've kept you in mind, we can't help it. How could we do otherwise? We're blessed (and cursed) with the Gloomy Gene, too. Yeah, we're weird...and so are you, my friend. Embrace your weirdness and move on. Deep down, you don't care what those Happy Little Cogs think anyway.

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