“I have questions, queries, posers.”

Recognize the quote? It's from a movie. Johnny Five? Not ringing any bells?? No, I didn’t choose the most obscure quote, from the most obscure movie ever. It just seemed to suit the occasion, as I’ve been tagged! Thank you to the lovely Scarlett of Scarlett’s Tattoo. And what does it mean to be tagged in non-playground terms? *The Rules* I am to follow are to seek out worthy opponents and ask them (worthy) questions that I’ve penned. Ideally, my worthy opponents will name their own opponents, as well as come up with their own questions. Hopefully, I’ve understood! Regardless, it sounds like fun and I’m game.

Scarlett’s Questions and My Answers:

1.       If your life were a book, what would it be titled?
“Are You F*cking Kidding Me?” No, really, that’s what it would be called. Granted it may not end up a best seller with an expletive in the title, but that wasn’t the question, was it? Believe me, as a title for my life (as a book) it makes perfect sense.

2.       Tell s a favorite childhood memory.
Camping with the Girl Scouts. Yep. I was a Girl Scout.

3.       Is there a time limit on fortune cookie predictions?
Absolutely not.  I’ve never found an expiration date on one.

4.       Name three lessons LIFE has taught you.
Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face. It will hurt much less than if you don’t try at all.
Always tell your truth to those you love, even if telling that truth risks the relationship.
Sometimes people dig holes to deep to get out of, think about that while you dig away.

5.       Oceans or mountains, and why?
Mountains. I grew up surrounded by mountains and took them for granted. I briefly moved to Kansas and although the people were amazingly kind souls, the flatness of the land depressed me. AS much as I love the ocean, I can live without it. Mountains make me feel like soaring and I don’t want to live without that feeling. Plus, I’m much more likely to climb a mountain than swim in the ocean (sharks…eek).

6.       What makes you smile?
My husband. He makes me laugh, too.

7.       What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?
If there’s no risk of failure, then there isn’t any real joy, is there? Besides, failure is generally a perception and often a temporary one.

8.       Do you believe in ghosts? What about Muppets?
Both, but I draw the line at the ghosts of Muppets.

9.       What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My heart. It’s a good one. Not perfect, but really good. My breasts aren’t too shabby, either.

10.   Given three wishes, what would you wish?
Peace on earth. Why not give it a shot? The war and terror thing has been done to death (hah!).
Live without fear (expect of course when it comes to fire or getting my photo taken).
Have the means ($$$) to travel the world with my husband, going anywhere our heart’s desire at any time.

11.   What is the one thing you could not live without?
Humor, because seeing it in all the right places enables us to overcome anything.

Not too painful! Now it’s your turn. How does that spotlight feel? Not too hot? Good, here we go:

Mr. Green Genes @ Is There Anybody There?

No pressure to play, but I’d love to hear your answers to My Questions:
  1. What are you OCD about? Come on, I know there must be something.
  2. What’s the most recent music/album you’ve purchased and do you recommend it?
  3.  What fictional character would you like to interview and what is your first question?
  4. Cake or pie? And what flavor??
  5. What is your best quality?
  6. What’s your book or movie favorite: zombies, vampires, or werewolves and why?
  7.  Do you have a junk drawer and what do you usually throw in it? Please be more specific than junk or more junk.
  8.  If you could strike up a conversation with an inanimate object, what is the object and what are you talking about?

Have fun! Can’t wait to see your answers! Oh, and the quote at the beginning of this post? It’s from the movie Short Circuit. If it’s available do check it out.


  1. Interesting. Some cool answers to some awesome questions. Thanks for tagging me. I'll be sure to take part :)

  2. Excellent! Can't wait to read your answers, DRC! :)

  3. Ypu are a crazy women! So glad we met and I'm so going to put you at the top of my reading list! I don't mind playing tag!

  4. Ypu are a crazy women! So glad we met and I'm so going to put you at the top of my reading list! I don't mind playing tag!

  5. Good answers, I but I think I'd rather fall on my butt than flat on my face. (Lots more padding there.)

  6. @ Natalie, yep. That's me crazy! So glad you can play! I look forward to reading your answers. :)

    @ Susan, I'm with you, given the choice falling on our butts is preferable over our face. Unfortunately, we're not always given a choice! :P

  7. LOL, brilliant! I'm going to have fun answering those questions.

  8. Loving the answers you've given, made me laugh out loud a lot. I'll definitely take part.

  9. Can I just say now, I love you! I LOVE your answers... All of them. I can't possibly choose just one or three, they're so awesome!

    I was a Girl Scout, too. For about a minute. I didn't get off on sewing bunnies. What I really wanted to do was CAMP! I got my fix every summer from the time I was 8 to 15 at Camp Piomingo, instead.

    I L-O-N-G for the mountains! It makes me tear up just thinking about my visit to Oregon with my sister-cousin two summers ago. I so miss the trees, the waters, the drive through the trees and waters. I think the mountains crawled right up my spine when I was little, as we traveled the country, and pitched a tent in my soul.

    Your LIFE lessons are wise, very wise indeed. I know what it takes to gain that kind of wisdom. And it sure ain't pretty. I hear you. I see you. And it does make perfect sense.

    "No risk of failure, no joy."

    "Ghosts of Muppets" ~
    *snort* Oh My God!

    No heart OR breasts are ever perfect, but they get the job done. I would have answered the same. *Twinsies! Ahhhhh!*

    You are so right again! A healthy sense of humor will pull us out of our darkest moments, if we let it. It has been my life line many times in my 43 years!

    I want so much to go on, and to play along with your questions, too! But, I am on my back today trying to heal my piss poor head/neck/nerve/muscle thingy. Will have to wait another day or two. You are a bright spot in my day! Thank you! *happy dance love*

  10. Twinsy Scarlett,

    Firstly, your “head/neck/nerve/muscle thingy” does not sound nice. It sounds like a reoccurring thing and those are difficult (at best). I really, really hope you’re feeling better today. Please let me know.

    As to the rest of your comment, wow. Wow. Wowee. Wow. You are awesome and I’m so very glad I ran across your blog!

    I don’t like sewing bunnies, either! The only reason I stayed with the Girl Scots for as long as I did (until about 15) was to CAMP!

    “I think the mountains crawled right up my spine when I was little…and pitched a tent in soul.” What a fabulous line that is!

    I appreciate you seeing my wisdom (such as it is! Hah!), and you’re absolutely right. My life has not been pretty, but at the same time I’ve sure had some incredible moments. There are gifts in the darkness.

    And humor is definitely a lifeline…I wish more people could take advantage of it. Glad that you can and do.

    I would love to hear your answers to my questions, even a few when you’re up for it (you don’t have to tag anyone else, just answer the questions!). I’m really glad I could be a bright spot in your day and again, I hope you’re feeling better, if not today soon! Thanks, Scarlett xo

  11. How interesting that you mentioned your love of mountains. I've never anyplace where there were no mountains and I'm sure I could never could. They're like guardians and I feel safely held as if in the palm of a giant, gentle hand when I look out at them.

  12. Hiya, Jayne! Absodamnlutely! Mountains are AWEsome. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. I'm curious about the mountains over oceans assertions. I need to spend more time by mountains.

  14. Hi RA, I highly recommend spending time around and/or on a mountain. But of course, this is my inclination and others may not feel the same. I love oceans, too, but if I could only have one or the other, I'll take a chain of mountains! Let me know what you discover.