The ORIGINS Blogfest

 “When did your writing dream begin?” What an excellent idea for a blog hop! This blogfest is being hosted by DL Hammons and co-sponsored by Alex Cavanaugh, Katie Mills, and Matthew MacNish. I found out about the hop through  Jeremy Bates. Thanks to all!

I’ve always thought of myself as a storyteller first, a writer second. Storytelling comes naturally, writing (as we all know) is the hard part. And contrary to what parents and teachers scolded, being a storyteller is not just one rung down the criminal ladder from shoplifting.

As a child of about five, I remember sitting in the backyard and being absolutely positive that I could see evidence of tiny people and tiny animals living in our strawberry patch. The story of how these tiny people came to live in the strawberry patch, where they came from, who they were, and what they did all day just, um…popped into my head. I seemed to have been born with [insert horrifying realization background music here] an imagination (eeekk). Since no one believed me when I told them about the people who lived in the strawberry patch, or for that matter the little king who had lost his kingdom, or the goat who liked to hide treasure under the neighbor’s house, I decided to write down these stories. Then, I created someone to believe me. Her name was Henny and she was a chicken. Just to clarify, as a child I did not live on a farm or what would even be considered a rural area. Although I had heard of them, I’d never seen a chicken or a goat, which became proof of the aforementioned, dreaded (at least by my parents and teachers) imagination.

Stories continued to present themselves to me. Characters continued to fill my head. By the time I became I teenager I decided that I was either nuts (a distinct possibility) or I was a writer (same thing). And here I am. The truth is, I write to keep the characters who continually dance, cry, sing, walk, fly, laugh, fight, or whatever else they dream up in my head, appeased. Above all, this motley group is demanding, so believe me when I say that I will do whatever it takes to keep the peace…even if it is writing. 


  1. I love it! Imagination can be a wonderful thing!

  2. This explains a lot! LOL! Another short and sweet piece!

  3. tiny people living in a strawberry patch... definitely a writer from a young age! lol great post

  4. @ Devin, yes it can be or at the very least, it's never boring! Thanks so much for stopping by! x

    @ MGG, hmm...I suppose it does explain a few things. lol

    @ Jeremy, really glad you enjoyed. Thanks! :)

  5. Imagination is an awesome thing! I am sometimes sad that I lost a part of it when I grew up, but I hope I still retained most of it. Thanks for sharing, that was cute.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  6. I never thought of writing and storytelling as two distinct arts, but I think you're right. So I guess that would make me a storyteller first. I used to produce plays with my friends and perform them on my front porch for the neighborhood. My favorite line form you Origins story: "I decided that I was either nuts (a distinct possibility) or I was a writer (same thing)." So very true for me, as well! Great post! I'm a new follower via the Origins bloghop.

  7. So, let me be clear ~ Henny was your Imaginary Chicken Friend?! *snort*

    No wonder your family members equated WRITER with Vagabond. *Big Smile*

    I LIKE You! You're funny. I also like strawberries and the kingdoms that rule within them. Looking forward to much more in this space!

    Write on!

  8. @ Allison, I don’t believe we ever lose our imagination, although at times it does get a bit misplaced. What with day jobs, paying bills, taking care of the kids, etc! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a nice comment!

    @ Hi Nancy! Plays on the front porch…how fun! You definitely sound like a storyteller to me. So very glad you stopped by and thanks so much for letting me know that you actually had a favorite line in my post. We writers are a bit (a lot) nuts! lol

    @ Hey Scarlett, yep, Henny was (still is) my imaginary chicken friend. I think I got better at naming my imaginary friends as I got older. I have a much more sophisticated lot around me now (hah!). I LIKE you, too! Always nice to come across a kindred spirit. x

  9. I am in awe of those bloggers who knew they wanted to be writers at such a young age. I just wanted to marry Duran Duran!

  10. My imagination got me into trouble at times when people couldn't tell the difference between storytelling and lying.
    Strawberry patch sounds like a great place to me.

  11. LOL we are slaves to our muses. There have been so many times I wanted to write something and the characters totally refused. But shh don't tell the non-writers they look at you funny when you say stuff like that. Great origins story!

  12. LOL
    Yes, my characters take over too. They are a demanding lot!

  13. I decided that I was either nuts (a distinct possibility) or I was a writer (same thing).

    Love it!!! Awesome ORIGIN story! :)

  14. @ Donna, oh, I wanted to marry Duran Duran too! So glad you could stop by. Thanks!

    @ Mary, I somehow knew I’d come across a kindred spirit when I read your origins post. Thanks!

    @ Dafeenah, yeah we writers are a weird lot! But we wouldn’t want it any other way, right? Thanks!

    @ Amanda, yay! Glad I’m not the only one getting pushed around by my characters! Thanks!

    @ DL, often the path chooses us rather than the other way around, so we might as well enjoy the ride. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Hey Intricate Knot! I was trying to find a more private way to contact you but I couldn't find an email, so I figured to just leave you a message here!

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    Mia at The Muses Circle

  16. I'd say being more of a storyteller than a writer is a good thing. It's all about the story! Me, I sometimes get so hung up on the rhythm and sound of the words, I temporarily take my eye (my ear?) off the importance of the story. Nice to meet you. Count me in as your newest follower.

  17. Please imitate Henny's voice and post an audio file:)

  18. What a great origins story. I love how you created Henny so you had someone to believe in your strawberry patch folks :)
    Great to meet you on this blogfest.

    your newest follower,

  19. @ Mia, thanks so much for the nomination!

    @ Susan, it’s all a balance, isn’t it? Very nice to meet you, too!

    @ RA, LOL! As much as I love imitating Henny, she just hates it when I do. Have you ever seen an angry chicken? Terrifying.

    @ Nutshell, thanks so much for stopping by! Great meeting you, too!

  20. Nice to meet you! I found you through the Origins blogfest. I didn't see people in a strawberry patch, but like you I had an active imagination as a kid. I love reading about the common threads we writers share with each other. New follower!

  21. I think an existence without imagination would be a very barren sad state. You are truly a writer! x

  22. @ Suzie, very nice to meet you too! I love reading about the commonality between writers, as well. Makes me feel less insane…which is always nice. :)

    @ Kitty, agreed. Glad you see me as a writer (rather than my other choice in life, nuts!). Good to see you're back! x