Shiny, shiny…

I feel like I’m working in the Dark Ages (without the pestilence, of course). Yeah, I have a computer, but I am surrounded by scraps of paper: doodles, ideas, lists, and files chock full of more lists, ideas, and doodles. I really must get organized!! I am the epitome of the joke, “yeah, I’m working on getting organized and I have a list of everything I must do; however, I’ve lost the list.” I’ve actually always been very organized at “work”…the job. However, now I am working full-time on our business from home (since I was laid-off just before Christmas).

I have space at home, we even have an extra bedroom. I have a filing cabinet, file folders, shelves, all the makings of having (and keeping!) an organized space. So no excuses there! My theory for my non-organization boils down to two things:

1) I am simply accustomed to being disorganized at home. It’s always been my retreat, you know? Work, you have to be on your game. At home? I’ve always had a tendency to slide a bit. Okay, that’s understating. I’m actually more like floor polish spillage…all over the place.

The above, however, is no excuse. I’m working from home now and I need to get with the program! I know that I will get into a groove, I just need to keep at it and be a little patient with myself. Below, is my real issue:

2) Shiny, shiny.

What do you mean, “what’s that?”?? Gees and I thought it was so self-explanatory. Let’s go back to me being like floor polish spillage. The reason I’m “all over the place” is because I get distracted so easily. There are a MILLION things to do. A BAZILLION things to think about. And so many interesting things come along at any given moment. Remember the dog in Up? Yeah, I’m a bit like that.

Good news? I am capable of being organized. I just need to find my organizational skills. Bad news? My skills are probably hiding in one of these folders…somewhere…

I’ll start looking for them right away. Well, maybe after I draw this idea I have for a greeting card, and I really should get back to that fifth chapter of my third book, but then again, I need to edit those two short stories...shiny, shiny….


  1. I, too, suffer from Attention Defi...OOOOH SHINY! SQUIRREL!!

    Seriously, I think maybe we are long-lost sisters or something because everything about organization that you said is exactly how I am.

    So, my advice to you is to get that office space set up in your home ASAP. And then (this is the hard part) only use that space to WORK. No sitting in there eating meals, etc. Because you stop taking the space seriously when you do that. What I do in my home office has gotten much more productive since I stopped LIVING in it. (But, I have a long way to go to get to where I ultimately want to be).

  2. Well, hey there long-lost Sis! Love your advice about the home office. Totally agree! And you know, we all have a long way to go to get to where we want to be...at least we know where we want to end up!

  3. Ahh, my office was once organized, its a 3x4 space in the front of our house. It is hot as balls, but has windows so I open those. I figured since it was small I could assume that it was mine. NOOOOOOPPPPEEE, that was a delusion. Most days, my husband, both dogs and the small person come and lay behind my little chair in the only space. You can't stand up in it since its in the pointy part of the house. Since hubs is on military man time, the small person only comes up to say hi, but the little dog likes to eat that list you are talking about. You know the linchpin list that holds everything together, you'd think the little shit could read :)

  4. LOL! Yes, we can get organized, but can we stay that way? That's big N-O. The torment of a creative, busy life! Thanks for the comment, Lindsey! :)