Paper Update

I know you’ve all been sitting on pins and needles (how very uncomfortable) wondering what's up on the paper front. NOT. I know it’s all a big YAWN! Still, it’s majorly consuming for me (what a sad life I have). Hear me out, please. Drum roll. Wait for it. Yes, I have found a 100% post consumer recycled paper in a shade of gray. And the cloudy sky opens up to, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. To be completely honest, it isn’t as gray as I wanted, but I believe for 100% recycled it is as good as it gets.

Call me nuts (dare you), but the paper for my greeting cards is crucial. For me it is mucho importante to know that I will be putting out a quality and Green product. The truth is I'm just a doodler. I'm not an artist. So, I'm starting out a bit behind the eight ball (and who the hell am I kidding?? I was born behind the eight ball). Van Gough could have painted on the underside of a cheap diner table, riddled with old, discarded chewing gum and it would be a work of art. I, not being Van Gough or even Picasso, find it important to have a classy paper to print my doodles on. Make sense? Anyway, it makes sense to the maze-like thing I call my brain.

Hopefully (we can always dream), this will be the second to the last paper-oriented post I will have to post. Hah! Will she say yes to the paper? I’m running some tests, performing some of my typical mad-scientist experiments and we’ll all know soon if this paper is the one. Fingers (and eyes) crossed. 


  1. I want to see. Grey paper is the best. Grey is the best. It's my favorite color. That's helpful living in the midwest in winter.

  2. Agreed. Gray paper IS the best! Thanks, RA!