I Refuse to be Beaten By Paper

Perhaps Rock or Scissors could get the best of me, but Paper? Come on. Get real. Hah! I’m actually not speaking of the age old game upon which all major decisions should be made, but instead about the Great Paper Dilemma for my @#@##!!! greeting cards. Haven’t heard of the Great Paper Dilemma??? You will. Read on, please.

Why did I have to choose gray, anyway? And why do I have to have a social conscious?? I’m telling you I had not a clue in hell (or elsewhere) that it would be so damn difficult to find GRAY, recycled cover stock. After my research, I know more about paper than I ever wanted to know. Seriously. There are far more interesting topics on my List of Top Topics to Research than freaking paper. Sadly though, compromising on my ideals has never been my forte. I’m still trying to figure out what my $!@$#!@#$!!@#$%%!@!!!!! forte is, but I’m quite clear that compromising on my ideals is not even in the ballpark. Too bad. Those people always look so much happier than moi. [insert a heavily-burdened-by-my-bizarre-uncompromising-ideals sigh here]

Granted, there is still hope that I will track down that environmentally friendly, illusively perfect (hah!) shade of gray paper.  I found the flipping envelopes, blasted packaging, and bloody (not literally) ribbon, didn’t I? Yes, I will. And then I will be free to dance my happy gloom dance once again. Woot. Watch out environmentally-friendly-perfect-shade-of-gray-paper, I’m coming for you. 


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  2. Okay, perhaps a stupid question...what do you do with the paper? Write by hand? Letters? Something else?

    I cheat at rock, paper, scissors. I admit it:)

  3. @ RA LOL! You cheat at rock, paper, scissors? I suppose that's one way of making sure that your destiny remains your own. And it's not a stupid question, my Great Paper Dilemma refers to the greeting card company I'm starting up(Cards for a Gloomy Day). Thanks for asking!

  4. I'm so glad you liked the bookmark. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
    Returning the favor, I totally understand about your obsession to want what you want. When you decide on something, you've put a lot of thought into it and you now WANT what you want. Nothing will fill that gap until you get what you want. Yup, a form of perfectionism, I'm thinking... especially since I display that trait in other parts of my life too.
    Jenn @www.justaddwatersilly.com

  5. Loved reading your comment, Jenn. It's so nice to know I'm not alone in my quest for perfection! I can tell by your art that you too, are a perfectionist. Thanks, Jenn!

  6. Hi Intricate Knot! I know this is soooo random, but I was checking out some of your posts and saw Bryan Adams...lol I love him! My 2 favorites by him are: "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" and "Everything I do."

    Okay, enough of me being a nerd (although I am happy to admit I am lol).

    Hope all is well!

    Mia at The Muses Circle

  7. Hi Mia! I love Bryan Adams, too and especially the songs you mention. He's awesome! And I say, nerds unite! lol Hope all is well with you, too. x