Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is hands-down my favorite time of the year. Fair warning: there will be more posts like this one. Hah!
I took this photo while on a Jack the Ripper walking tour in the White Chapel area of London. 
The building is a converted tenement near the corner of Wilkes and Princelet. It was a spooky, creepy night given the subject matter of the tour and it was a full moon! Excellent fun! 
Of course, I added the demon-type guy hovering over the building. Or did I? Mawahahahaha... 


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  2. hey RL!
    stopping by late bc something took me out of the city for a couple days, but hope u had a good weekend--and hop!
    my favorite horror movie is the shining, or alien...they're too different to only pick one!
    c u around online!
    PS: last post was all right justified..weird!