Starting a business is one of those complicated things, isn't it?

Ahem. Yes, silly me. I somehow thought the whole process of starting a publishing company would be easier! Just kidding. I actually did know better. I’ve been in “business” for my entire working “career”…for other people’s businesses. I’ve worked my ass off (I wish) for other’s dreams. Four months ago I decided to do my thing and it’s been a happy, frenetic, and yes, scary ride! At the moment, I’m in the red-tape section of the journey (apparently). So, everything has pretty much come to a halt, while I fill out forms and applications and more forms and more applications. Paper work!! Fictitious Business Name application, Federal Tax ID forms, Seller’s Permit application, and blah dee freaking blah blah bleech deech (when all else fails, make up words). I’ve started filling out forms in my dreams. Totally sad.  What kind of sick, twisted people dream up all these damn forms anyway?? I’m pretty proud of myself that I haven’t blown a brain circuit, and then again, maybe I have and just haven’t noticed (what with drowning in paperwork and all).

Okay, so I’m venting (in a BLOG??? Unheard of!). The truth is I’m having the best time ever, bleeding !$&&****@@@!!! forms aside. Yeah, this is all a pain, but it truly is for something completely worthwhile, yes? I’m doing my thing! Making my dream come true and yay, me! As such this is, in a way, “my party.” Leslie Gore, sing it…


  1. Lmaoo great choice of song. Your posts always have me laughing. Passing through for the Beck Valley hop and wishing you luck with future form-filling :-)


  2. Thanks for stopping by and I am following you also.
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