So, I decided to self-publish...

What am I thinking? After years of stop and starts, has my brain finally stopped functioning all together? It isn’t a wonder. Okay, so those were the first and second questions that popped in my head. Shortly followed by, “Why the f*** not?” A writer’s life is full of peril…and rejection. Your writings are your dearest children. They can do no wrong. Your children are the brightest, most handsome and beautiful. They detract from no one, they only add to grace of the world. How could anyone reject these gems?
If I self-publish I am eliminating the middle-men of rejection, the publishers, agents, and editors and I am taking my children straight to the source…the public. Yes. The public may reject my stories. Of course this is quite possible. Don’t you think I know this? Yet, this feels more honest to me. The public will not reject my works because I may not make them enough money or I’m not commercial enough. The public will reject me if they just plain don’t like my stories. Honest. Real. Personal.
Will it be easy for me to accept this honest rejection? Hell no. But “them’s the breaks,” folks! And perhaps it will help me grow as a writer and a human being.
Besides all of the above, you know what? I want to be in control. Me. It’s my Universe. My stories. My characters. Win or lose. Right or wrong. Why shouldn’t I control every other aspect of these endeavors? The cover art, the price, the distribution, the promotion, everything. Writing is what I came into this world to do. I’ve always known that. I just didn’t know that I also came in to be a publisher.

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