Creating a Blog

"Come on, this isn't a "new thing,"l!" No, it truly isn't. Just a matter of taking the "blog" in my head (runs 24-7, folks) and transferring it (copy only, original stays in my brain) to this little box. How hard can it be? Well...if you're a touch neurotic (like myself), we could be here a while. I'll put it this way. It took me 3-days to figure out what "design" I wanted for my "blog." And after all that hemming and hawing (what the hell is "hawing," anyway? sounds violent!) I'm still not sure if I'm happy. Yeah, the "design" shouldn't be a big deal; however, that's probably only true if you're not me. Would have loved to not use any template what-so-ever and just totally do my own thang (if you know what I mean). However, Google is pretty kewl and they've given us a lot of options to play with. So here it is. Until I change it, that is! Hah!

Why am I writing this dang thang anyway? Creative outlet, my friend. Yep, I need 'em BIG TIME. Sorry, didn't mean to shout I just get excited about creative outlets! Love them!! I'm at the point in my life, however, that I can't just keep having creative outlets just for me...I need to get it out there. Out there. Out where you are, for example. Been writing most of my life. It's pretty much like breathing for me and I want to make my living it at. Heck yeah! I'm tired of being shy, modest, "issue" ridden, whatever. It is time to put up or shut the h*ll up! Not ready to shut up, so, here I am.

I'll give you a word or two of caution, I am a little demented. If weird isn't your thang, this may not be right place for you. But hey, I can play it straight (so to speak), too and there are times when I'm pretty sure I'm brilliant. Of course there are the other times when I'm full of plain old crap. Hah! I'm working on creating a website for my brilliant bits and (yep, you guessed it!) here in this blog is where I can color outside the lines and at times be full of just plain old crap. I know I'm not alone. We all have our stuff. If you've reached a certain age, you know what I'm talking about. This blog is an outlet for my particular (and peculiar) stuff. Hope you enjoy.

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